Canyon Reeds are made from high quality Vandoren cane. They have excellent response and intonation in all registers of the bassoon. They are a fine professional quality reed in the German style. With a clearly defined tip and available Fox2, and Fox3 (wider tip) shapes, the result is a very stable reed with a wonderful tone and flexibility throughout the entire range of the instrument.

Reeds are available for sale in Medium & Medium Hard strengths. Shipping is ALWAYS free! Visit the Online Store

We keep many reeds in stock and ready to ship. However these reeds are handmade and may not be ready when you place an order. If we are out of stock when you order, we will hold your order until the reeds are available. A 3 to 5 week wait, while unlikely, is possible.

Can't wait? Contact us to inquire about current availability at (520)820-2705 or email

Recent Customers said this about Canyon Reeds:

“I live down south, and these reeds hit the higher notes particularly well, which is a plus because I’m the only Bassoonist in my band.” -Cynthia

“I am a 71-year-old beginner and I was ready to give up until I found these reeds. It is absolutely amazing to find reeds that play right away every time. And for these prices – unbelievable!” -Lance

“My mom said I use to sound like a dying whale until I got one of these! Good reeds”  -Tatiana

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