Reasons To Shop From Us

Welcome to Canyon Reeds. We are committed to providing high quality Bassoon reeds, and custom wooden reed cases for Oboe, E.Horn, and Bassoon. Bassoon reeds are made from high-quality Vandoren cane, and come in a variety of shapes and strengths. All reed cases are made of solid, attractively grained Cherry, Walnut, and other fine woods. We will also carry other double-reed related merchandize from time to time.

In addition this site is committed to sharing the best, and latest news and techniques for bassoonists of all skill levels.


Satisfaction Guarantee

Don’t get stuck with items that are not right for you!

Return the items you don’t like within 30 days and we’ll replace, adjust, or refund the purchase price (minus shipping). Reeds included!!

Your privacy is assured at Canyon Reeds. We never sell, lend or give away any information that you give to us. You are not tracked or monitored in any way. There are valid reasons to be wary. We thank you for your trust in us and assure you that we make every effort to provide you with a safe experience.

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